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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Preschool Program


Preschool program offers parents a choice of English or Mandarin Immersion environment to foster natural language learning for 2-3 years old students. In both programs, children have opportunities to investigate, extend their sense of wonder, experience success, develop a positive attitude towards learning and become physically independent. In language development, children will learn to create pictures to convey thoughts or feelings and experiment using symbols and patterns engaging in early attempts at writing. Click here to view Registration Forms and Class schedules

​Pre-K Program


We offer parents a choice of English or Mandarin immersion program to 3-4 years old children. In English program, children will learn English curriculum integrated with Science, Social Studies, and technology. In Mandarin Immersion program, children will be immersed in Mandarin to develop listening and speaking skills and be prepared for Mandarin Immersion kindergarten program at Mandarin Immersion schools.


In both programs, children will show evidence of a growing vocabulary and the development of listening and conversational skills. They express thoughts, ideas and feelings with increasing confidence and fluency. Click here to view Registration Forms and Class Schedule.


​After School Program

​After School Program​ offers homework assistance, Mandarin and Math classes. Art projects taught on Fridays are related to the Chinese text that we teach each week or reflect the holiday celebrations. We use Mandarin to teach art so that students can learn daily conversational Chinese. View Schedules here...

Summer Program

Our summer offers children with enrichment activities based on weekly themes. View our summer program here...

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