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Pandas ( 4 Years Old) Curriculum

Listening: Variety of high interest picture books are used to stimulate our panda’s listening skills as well as their curiosity.


Speaking: We use the textbook: Living Mandarin Level B3, B4 as a guide for daily listening and speaking activities. 


Reading: Better Immersion is our core curriculum for reading. The series of readers focus on repetitions. The topics include families, friends and schools.

Writing: Our Pandas will trace and begin to write Chinese characters

Mandarin Language Arts

Counting: Our Pandas learn to count to 100.

Addition & Subtraction: Our Pandas will begin with pictures addition & subtraction and gradually develop into mental math.




Our Pandas learn about Chinese and American culture through arts and celebration. Our Pandas also practice writing calligraphy and cooking Chinese traditional  foods for the holidays.


Our Pandas continue to learn to use words to express their feelings. 

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