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Cubs (3 Years Old) Curriculum

Mandarin Language Arts

Listening: Variety of picture books are used to stimulate our Cubs' listening skills.

Speaking: We use the textbook: Living Mandarin Level B1, B2 as a guide for daily listening and speaking activities.

Early Reading: Our Cubs will begin to recognize Chinese characters such as numbers and words with pictographs. Flashcards are used to reinforce early reading.

Early Writing: Our Cubs will trace, color and play with Chinese characters.

Counting: Our Cubs learn to count and one to one correspondent. 

Problem Solving: Our Cubs will learn to solve simple problems through math stories. For an example: 鉛筆盒裡有6隻鉛筆,老師有放進去3隻鉛筆,一共有幾隻鉛筆?




Our cubs learn about Chinese culture through arts and celebration.


Our cubs learn to use words to tell about their feelings. Through play, our cubs learn to make friends by sharing and taking turns.

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