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Weekly News: 

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November 7-11, 2016

All that we behold is full of blessings.

William Wordsworth

Our Koalas explored a variety of art mediums to create Thanksgiving turkeys. We used tissue paper, pipe cleaner, toilet paper rolls, and shapes in different colors to make turkeys.


While working on the projects, our Koalas learned the shape, diamond as well as reviewed the colors and shapes. At the same time, our Koalas refined their motor skills, practiced being patient, and asked questions in Mandarin.


Most importantly, our Koalas developed appreciation for art and were very proud of our projects!

In Cubs this week, we revisited the ocean animals. We compared their shapes, sizes, habitats, and food they eat. During the circle time, we read a story, Own Color 自己的顏色 to reinforce the concepts. From the story, our Cubs learned that animals change their colors to adapt to their environment.


In art, we made crab hat and fish collage to go with our ocean animals. For science, we explored color mixing experiment. Our cubs were excited to find out that the mixing of colors yellow and green makes orange!

​​​​​​​In Panda this week, we learned more about the Marine Animals 海洋動物. We learned to say Octopus 章魚, Jellyfish 水母, Seahorse 海馬, Shark 鯊魚 in Chinese. We learned that octopus can change color to protect themselves, jellyfish is cute but their tentacles can sting and daddy seahorses give birth to their babies. There are 500 kind of sharks and not all the shark are harmful to human.  


In art, we made an under the ocean scenery. We drew sea animals and cut and paste them on to the blue paper. In math, we continued on "plus 1-3" addition. Our favorite song this week was the Chinese poem 登鸛雀樓.

October 31-November 4, 2016

Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.

John Wooden

Our Koalas have so much fun wearing our costumes to trick and treat. Everyone was so happy to get lots of candies!  This week our Koalas learned to recognize number 3. The number 3 looks like an ear! In addition, our Koalas learned about Thanksgiving 感恩節. We learned to say thanks to our families and friends. Each of us helped to make a tree, adding leaves to show who we are thankful for and hands to show what we are thankful for. Thank you, moms! Thank you, dads!

In Cubs this week, we read aloud the story That's too much! 真是太過分了 and the idiom Drawing Snakes with Feet 畫蛇添足. From the two stories, our Cubs learned to tell the truth and not to exaggerate. For Math, our Cubs continued to work on shapes recognition, adding rectangular, heart, half-circle, star shapes. Our Cubs also learned to trace numbers 1-10 in English as well as in Chinese!  Most importantly, our Cubs made corns decorated with fall colors to welcome Fall!

In Panda this week, we talked about the Marine Animals 海洋動物. We learned to say Dolphin 海豚, Sea Star 海星, Crab 螃蟹, Sea Turtle 海龜, and Fish 魚 in Chinese. We learned that Dolphins breath with lungs under water. Sea Stars have variety of colors. Crabs can be very big and scary. Sea Turtles lay eggs in the sand.  In Art, we made a colorful Sea Star. We drew a star shape and color all kinds of colors.  In math, we continued on "plus 1-3" addition. Our favorite song this week was Tricycle 三輪車.

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