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Weekly News: 

October 17-21, 2016

Childhood is like being drunk.

Everyone remembers what you did, except you!

Our Koalas learned about the shape square and to distinguish the shapes square and circle through Halloween art and craft. Our Koalas glued similar shapes in the correct areas and worked on Halloween house decorated with shapes of circles and squares to demonstrate our understanding of the shapes.


In addition, our Koalas focused on the color green and yellow this week. We were able to tell the colors we worked on as well as our favorite colors for the bats, witches and goblins!

During Chinese circle time, our Cubs continued to practice saying greetings and review last week lesson, the Monkey's Busy Week 猴子的一週. 


Our Cubs worked the concept of similarities  and differences. We sorted candy corns, matched the pumkins, and colored shapes that are the same. Most importantly, we worked on treat bags to get ready for Halloween parade coming up on Monday 10/31. All of us were pretty good at saying trick or treat in Chinese: 不給糖就搗蛋! Watch out for our Cubs on Monday!

In Panda this week, we talked about the Circus 馬戲團. We learned to say words related to Circus 馬戲團, such as clown 小丑, Ffying man 空中飛人, merry go round 旋轉木馬, and walk on string 走鋼絲 in Chinese. We learned that all the performers in Circus were trained to entertain the audience. 


In Art, we made trick or treat bags. We first drew the ghost with the faces we like. Then, we cut out the ghost and paste on the bag. Our Pandas are ready for the Halloween parade! In math, we continue on "plus 3" addition. Our favorite song this week was Itsy-bitsy spider 小蜘蛛.

October 17-21, 2016

Every child is gifted.

They just unwrapped their packages at different time.

Our Koalas were excited decorating treat bags to welcome Halloween. We made Frankensteis, pumpkins, and monsters using lunch bags. At the same time, we learned to say the colors and numbers in Mandarin.


Next, we we decorated owls using the color black and brown. Our Koalas exercised their finger to tear the paper into pieces and paste them onto the owls. Our Koalas were also busy decorating the bats using the streamers for their wings. What a busy week!

During Chinese circle time, our Cubs practiced learning and saying greetings such as, 你好,謝謝,不客氣,早安, 晚安. We also learned about the Monkey's Busy Week 猴子的一週. We sang and danced to a Chinese Halloween song 虎姑婆 as well as the poem, 登鸛鵲樓.


For math, we practiced our number counting on a circus worksheet and circling the numbers that matched. For art, we practiced our fine motor skills by tracing swirls for a clown to its box and chose colors to paint our clowns. We look forward to bringing our art projects home soon!

In Panda this week, we talked about the Halloween 萬聖節. We learned to say Pumpkin 南瓜, Black Cat 黑貓, Bat 蝙蝠, Vampire 吸血鬼, and Witch 女巫 in Chinese. We learned the history of Vampire and what are they afraid of.


In Art, we made a vampire head mask. First, we painted the hair. Then we cut out the bow tie and pasted on the bottom of face area. We had so much fun to draw the vampire's face. In math, we learned "plus 3" addition. Our favorite song this week is 南瓜大.

October 10-14, 2016

Play is the highest form of research!

Albert Eistein

In Koala this week, our koalas participated in a variety of activities related to Halloween. We practiced cutting, pasting, threading and painting to make our favorite Halloween characters including black cats, monsters, witches and spiders. 


Through the activities, our Koalas learned the colors, black and white and numbers 1 and 2. Our Koalas were so wonderful to say the cat is black, the witch's hat is black, the monster is white. etc. Most important of all, they all said it in Mandarin!

In Cubs this week, we learned about Chinese food to go along with last week’s theme, Chinese culture. During circle time, students practiced saying and associating the following words with pictures: 湯圓,麵條,米飯,餃子,粽子,包子.


In addition, we also enjoyed reading the storybook called: 青蛙王子. We explored ocean animals and used shapes and colors to describe the animals in the ocean. We continued to practice matching objects to their numbers and sorted different objects by their shape.​

​​​​​​​In Panda this week, we talked about the Farm Animals 農場裡的動物. We learned to say Horse 馬, Cow 奶牛, Sheep 棉羊, Pig 豬, and Rooster 公雞 in Chinese. We learned different animals makes different  sounds. Cows 哞哞,chicken  咯咯,dog 汪汪, etc.


In art, we make a pumpkin face and ghosts. Our Pandas had lots fun creating their faces for the art. In math, we learned "plus 2" addition. Our favorite song this week is 王老先生有塊地.

October 3-7, 2016

Little by little one walks far!

Peruvian Proverb

In Koala this week,our koalas participated in a variety of activities related to Fall. We began the week with painting our hands to press on a piece of paper to make tree trunks and added apples to the trees.


Halloween is our favorite topic in Fall. We then made monsters and pumpkins. Through the activities, children learned to pay attention to the colors: red, orange, yellow and brown. Our koalas loved working with our little hands!


Our Cubs learned about Chinese Culture this week. During our circle time, we explored symbols representing China which include the flag 國旗,panda 熊貓, the Great Wall長城,Terra Cotta 兵馬俑, etc. For follow-up activities, we painted China’s Flag and a panda. We hope to bring them home soon.


In addition We learned a poem, 九月九日憶山東兄弟. We continued to finish up our math project and practice sorting shapes. We were very good at counting numbers, telling days of the week and saying members of our families.

In Panda this week, we talked about the season, Autumn 秋天. We learned to say Fall 秋天, fallen Leaves 落葉, scarecrow 稻草人, sheat Field 稻田, sunflower 向日葵 in Chinese. We learned that some leaves change colors in fall.  In art, we made a picture of tree and falling leaves. We cut off the tree trunk first then pasted in the middle of paper. Next we punched out different colors leaves and pasted them onto the tree trunk as if they are falling down. In math, we learned "plus 1" addition. Our Pandas really enjoyed the song Autumn Is Here 秋天來了!

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