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Summer Camp 2023 @ Burlingame


Genius Learning offers educational and exciting summer camp for children entering TK-5 grades students. Students will be immersed in Mandarin language while participating in unique themes loaded with hands on activities. Here are the highlights of 2021 Summer Camp!

June 12-16

Electricity Engineering

Students will learn to generate electricity from natural resources; such as solar, wind and water power. They will build a model to show evidence of energy transferring and will create electricity!

June 26-30


This week students will learn about the basic concept of chemistry, mixing two chemicals to form a new chemical. Students will become familiar with scientific terms and engage in the thinking process.

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June 19-23

Earthquake Engineering

Rumble and Shake! It’s an Earthquake! We, the civil engineers, will be hard at work to build and test structures to withstand the magnitude of 9.0+ earthquake. Are you ready?

July 3-7*

Egg Racers Engineering

Students will build a car model that can protect eggs from crashing while in motion. At the same time, students will learn about the conservation of energy.


July 10-14


Students will learn about the Mars Curiosity Rover, rockets and planes. Children will be challenged to build the models to present their understanding.

July 17-21

Catapult Challenge

Wow! Catapults are awesome! They sure are! Students will design catapults to learn about Newton’s Law of Motion. We are going to experiment with items that are soft and safe!


July 24-28


Students will explore physics, chemistry, engineering and technology in tinkering projects as well as hands-on activities. Let’s become a tinker!

August 7-11

Amazing Illusion

What do you see? Can you fool your eyes and your brain with an optical illusion? We will build models to demonstrate our eyes and brain work together.

2018-07-06 16.33.24.jpg

July 31-August 4

Bubbles & Balloons

Summer is an excellent time to play with bubbles and balloons, Children will play with bubbles, water balloon hunt while at the same learn about the air pressure, polymers...etc.

August 14-18

Amazing Illusion

What do you see? Can you fool your eyes and your brain with an optical illusion? We will build models to demonstrate our eyes and brain work together.

Class Schedule

Class Schedule


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Summer Program Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Can my child participate on a per day basis?
     Sorry, only the weekly option is available.

2. Can I register my child for different sessions as we go through the summer?

     Yes, you can.


3. Instead of AM/PM selection, can my child participate between 10 AM -3 PM and pay half day camp fee?
     Full day camp fee will be accessed even with late drop-off and early pick-up.


4. If my student is in the afternoon class, can he/she come earlier to eat lunch with the other students?

     Yes, your student may come earlier to eat lunch.


5. Can children’s lunch be heated?  Do we have to pack our own snacks?
     Yes, we can heat children's lunch. Parents will need to prepare lunches and snacks. Please no soft drinks and candy. Also, due to the        

     high number of students with severe nut allergies, please do not prepare food containing peanuts.  If you prefer, you can order lunch at        $15/week.


6.  What number to contact the school for late pick up or any other emergency?

      Teacher Dennis 650-666-7726


7. If my student misses a day/days in a week, can he/she make it up in a different week?
     Sorry, no make-up days are available.

8.  Can I switch around the weeks that I registered?
      It's only allowed if we are given two weeks notice.  Students can stay in a class only if his/her name appears on the camper list.

9.  Where is the location?
      Our location is at 700 Peninsula Avenue, Burlingame.

10.  Is there any outdoor time?
        Yes, we have a big shaded playground.


11.  Are there any discounts for siblings?

       Yes, there is a 10% discount for the second student. 


12. If I register for more than one week, do I need to pay the tuition all at once?

      Yes, but you may pay using separate checks. If the tuition is paid using a separate check, it will only be deposited at the beginning of the registered week. The tuition check should be included with the registration forms. 


There have been some questions about the format of the summer program from parents. Summer program has a lot more hands-on activities, crafts, and Chinese culture than the regular school year program. 

We look forward to spending a fun summer with your child(ren)!


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