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Week 1


Tang Dynasty Theme: During Tang Dynasty, China reached its peak in art, literature and civilization, as it set the high standard to which later poets, painters, and sculptors aspired.  For our camp this week, students learned the literature, which represented by Tang Shi (唐詩) and different art forms, including silver and bronze metal art and porcelain.  


Coding: Students learned the basic rules and commands for programming. Towards the end of the week, some students completed course one and moved on to course two. Happing coding!

Week 2


Pottery Theme: This week students created several projects including a pendant, a plate, a cup, and jewelry from clay. Students learned to condition, emboss, and design their projects. It was a big mess, but all of us had a wonderful time being creative. 


Coding: Students became better at adding several codes to their challengng courses. All students moved on to course 2 and some moved on to course 3 and began to work on projects.

Genius Learning Fall Camp


Genius Learning offers two weeks of fun filled fall camp. Each week students will be immersed in a unique theme integrated with hands on activities and Mandarin Language rich program in the morning and participate in core academic in the afternoon. Students will have an option of choosing to participate in one week or two weeks.

Tang Dynasty Week
October 12-16


Tang Dynasty is the golden period in Chinese history. Art, literature, and inventions flourished and reached its’ peak during Tang Dynasty. Our Genius campers will learn to appreciate and recreate the art, literature, and inventions in Tang Dynasty.

Pottery Week
October 12-16


Genius campers will learn to create a pottery project from scratch to finish. The pottery project will be treasured for years to come. Come join us for the big mess!

Our camp starts at 9:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm. The extended care hours are from 8:00-9:00 am in the morning and 3:00-6:00 pm in the afternoon. The extended care hours are included in the tuition.

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