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June 1 - June 5

Transitional Kindergarten:





First Grade: 





Second Grade: 





Third Grade: In Chinese, we practiced using the words 一些, 有趣, 道理,取名字 in sentences. Then we did a crossword search to find the words such as 古代,知道,這些,表示,靠近。


In English, we tried to guess the meaning of different idioms by looking at context clues. Some of these idioms include "head is in the clouds", " head and shoulders above ", " get my feet wet ". We also read a fiction story called The New Puppy and a historical nonfiction called The Last Day of Pompeii. We learned many new vocabularies such as captivity, illegal, babbling, genuine, scamper, warrant, and effective. We finished the week with a word study for the suffixes -ance, -ness, -able, and -ible.



Fourth Grade: In Chinese, we did a review of the Chinese lessons we learned. Some of the mroe difficult words that we practiced are 身體, 剛才, 教練, 市政府, 參加, 教室,and 古詩.


In English, we did a word study for the suffixes -ment, -ance, -age, and -hood. We combined base words with these suffixes to create new words like statement, disturbance, neighborhood. Then we used the words amazement, orphanage, attendance, and boyhood to create sentences.







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