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Koalas( 2 Years Old) Curriculum

Listening: Variety of colorful picture books are used to stimulate our Koalas’ interest in listening.

Speaking: We use nursery rhymes and songs for daily listening and speaking activities.

Early Reading: Our Koalas will begin to recognize the concept of print, turning pages, reading from left to right and telling stories.


Early Writing: Our Koalas will be able to scribble, and play with crayons and paint.

Mandarin Language Arts

Counting: Our Koalas learn to count objects

Problem Solving: Our Koalas will learn to solve simple problems through math stories. For an example: Which one has more? Which is bigger? Which one do you like?




Our Koalas learn about Chinese culture through arts, games and holidays celebrations.​


Our Koalas learn to use words to tell about their needs instead of throwing tantrums. They also learn to share, take turns and make friends.

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