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Weekly News: 

September 26-30

In Koala this week,we learned about animals in the forest such as squirrel 松鼠,deer 麋鹿 and owl 貓頭鷹. We practiced saying names of these animals and their body parts. We exercised our fine motor skills doing dot print on these animals. For some of us, we preferred to color the dots with our favorite colors. We like animals!

In Cubs this week, we explored descriptive words such as big/大,  small/小, more/多, less/少, up/上 and down/下. During circle time, we used these words to discuss about our show and tell. For math, we counted apples on the tree and worked on patterns. We continued to work on our number books and hope to take home soon. We complted the project, Go Fishing 釣魚機記 and took home the project to share with our moms and dads. 

In Panda this week, we talked about more Fruits 水果 we loved to eat. We learned to say pineapple 鳳梨, peach 水蜜桃, mango 芒果, strawberry 草莓, and pear 梨子 in Chinese. To celebrate Confucius day, our Pandas pretended to be teachers during the story time. They picked the book they like and told the story to the class in their very own way. In math, we continued doing simple addition and counting. Our favorite song for this week was Poli 波力. 

September 19-23

In Koala this week,we learned the colors of Autumn 秋天的顏色. We learned the colors in autumn by using watercolor,tissue paper and dot paint on apple, corn and pumpkin. Our Koalas were very good at using their tiny hands doing the art projects.We also learned to sing the Four Seasons song 四季的歌 to undetstand different scenery in different seasons. Our Koalas were very good at using their tiny hands doing the art projects.

In Cubs this week, we explored five senses. We matched the five senses to our body parts and sorted objects such as rain, drum, soap, popcorn, etc. according to the senses. For the sense of taste, we sorted different foods according to the taste: sweet, sour, salty and bitter. During circle time, we learned the song Bumblebee 蜜蜂做工 and listened to the story, Don't Bug Me 不要吵我. We followed up with art activities, making bumblebee and ladybug. For math, we continued to trace shapes and counting numbers.



This week in Panda, we talked about fruits 水果. We learned to say 蘋果, 香蕉, 葡萄, 西瓜, 木瓜 in Chinese. We also learned about how they can grow and where they come from. In math, we continued doing simple addition and counting. In art, we made a picture of grapes. Our favorite song for this week was Fruit Song 水果歌. 

September 12-16, 2016

In Koala this week, we continued to practice with the shape, circle. We made an autumn art work to welcome autumn with colorful circle shapes on the background. We first printed dots onto the background, then tore brown paper to make tree trunks and decorated the trees with paper leaves. From the art project, we exercised our fine motor skills, using our hands to tear the paper and glue leaves onto the tree trunks.

Cubs celebrated the Moon Festival 中秋節 this week. During circle time, our cubs listened to the moon festival stories including the story of the moon lady, Chang E Flying to the Moon 嫦娥奔月 and Hou Yi Shooting Down the Suns 后羿射日. For activities, our cubs made lanterns decorated with shapes that we learned from last week, traced the rabbit who lives with Chang E on the moon and drew the nine suns that Houyi shot down. What a busy week!



This week in Panda, we learned to say action words, such as, walk 走, run 跑, sit 坐, jump 跳, and stand 站 in Chinese. We played Teacher Says (a variation of Simon Says) to practice the action words. At the same time, we discussed how to run and jump safely. On Thursday, our Pandas celebrated the Moon Festival 中秋節 and had a taste of mooncake. Our favorite song for this week was Monkey Dance. 

September 6-9, 2016

In Koala this week,we listened to the story 嫦娥奔月 and we talked about 月亮,嫦娥,后羿 and 玉兔. We also practiced drawing circles by recognizing things that are circles. We made progress in both drawing and recognizing circles.


In Cubs this week, we continued to expand on our theme, Family. We sang the song The Shark Family 鯊魚一家. From the song, we learned to say the names of our family members. During circle time, we discussed about our family tree to reinforce the concept of family. In Math, we searched and sorted shapes. Our Cubs were good at looking for shapes, the best detectives ever!


This week in Panda, we talked about stationery 文具. We learned to say 鉛筆, 剪刀, 尺, 蠟筆, 紙, 本子, 書包 in Chinese. In art, our Pandas made a little book call "What's inside the backpack? 書包裡有什麼呢?" In math, we continued doing simple addition and counting. Friday is our Pandas favorite day because we did show and tell. Our favorite song for this week was 下雨天 Rainy Day

Every child is an artist.

The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. 

Pablo Picasso

August 29-September 2, 2016

A child has a special way of adding joy to everyday!

August 22-26, 2016

In Koala this week, we learned about the Moon Festival, 中秋節, 燈籠 and 玉兔. We made 小兔子手工 and used our fingers to decorate 燈籠. We sang and danced to tune of  八月十五月兒圓. We also use sand playdoygh to pretend making 月餅!Yummm!


In Cubs this week, we continued to expand on the theme, My Family. Our Cubs practiced saying names of family members in Mandarin and shared our favorite family activities during circle time. We learned to sing the songs, Little Fish Swim 魚兒魚兒水中游, and My Sister Carrying Her Doll 妹妹背著洋娃娃. For story time, we read 石頭魚游大海. Our cubs enjoyed the adventure the stonefish takes to swim across the ocean. In Math, our cubs worked deligently on tracing, sorting shapes and creating a project,  shape-house 形狀小房子. 


This week in Panda, we talked about the Moon Festival 中秋節. We learned  to say 中秋節, 月餅, 燈籠, 滿月, 后羿 in Chinese. Our Pandas enjoyed the stories about Moon Festival, especially when 后羿 shot down 9 suns from the sky and save the people from suffering the heat. In art, our Pandas made Chinese lantern to decorate the classroom. In math, we continued doing simple addition and counting. On Friday, our Pandas couldn't wait to show and tell. Our favorite song for this week was 跳舞機器人 Dancing Robot. 

This week in Koala class, we learned about our family members, 爸爸,媽媽,哥哥,弟弟,姊姊,妹妹. We sang the songs: 家族歌,小花貓 and 小星星. We did dot-print on different animals and practiced our fine motor skill gluing the stars on to the song sheet,小星星歌詞紙. We did pretend play, 打電話 Making Phone Call. We all excited pretending to call our moms and dads! 


Cub class began the first theme, All About Me 關於我. We learned about our body parts. We learned to say our body parts in Mandarin and then identified Chinese characters to go with the body parts. We sang and danced to the songs, 妖怪手錶 and 妹妹背著洋娃娃. In art, we did handprint butterfly and discussed about our butterflies using descriptive words such as up and down 上和下, big and small 大和小, more or less 多和少. We were off to a wonderful start!


This week in Panda class, we learned about Family members: 家人,爸爸,媽媽,哥哥,弟弟,姊姊,妹妹. During circle time, we talked about how to greet our family and friends, how to describe our parents and to tell their names. We went over the class rules and discussed about good and bad behaviors. We also talked about our class schedule and telling time in Mandarin. In math, we did simple addition with sum under 10 and counting up to 50.  We practiced fine motor skill by cutting shapes, tracing our names and coloring papers. Our Pandas really enjoyed dancing and singing. 

 The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.

--Leonardo da Vinc

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